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The Richard 4 are moving to Edinburgh! Our family is raising support to work with the Greater Europe Mission, to be missionaries in Scotland. We’ve accepted the call, but we can’t do it alone. Our heart is to reach the people of the UK through the power of the Good News! Read Our Most Recent Newsletter

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Why Europe?

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the hope and love of Jesus with the people of Scotland by using creative arts to connect with hearts in need.

Financial Goals

Our vision is to be Fully Funded and supported by a wide range of partners so we can be the most effective missionaries possible.

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About GEM

GEM exists to relationally connect and reach the unbelieving and uncommitted across Europe. To grow and deepen them in their faith through intentional discipleship and to empower and send them out to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

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Reach Europe by multiplying disciples and growing Christ's Church


God expanding His Kingdom through all peoples of Europe to the world


Workers Worldwide


Years of Ministry in Europe


Discipling Relationships Annually

Reaching. Discipling. Empowering. Sending.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Why Scotland?

Scotland is a remarkable place with a thriving creative and arts community. We believe it offers a unique opportunity for the combining of creativity and ministry. Our vision is to collaborate with national partners and churches, beginning in Edinburgh and expanding across all of Scotland, to share the gospel and disciple the spiritual growth of artists and locals. Our goal is to serve and demonstrate Christ's beauty through the diverse creative gifts of His people.We want to bring light to a spiritually heavy and dark place. Art is a gift and we believe that it can be used as a form of worship and a way to glorify God, if used in the right way.

Scotland is a breath-taking country with a rich religious history and a largely unchurched population.Its moral failures, social problems, and economic woes have given it the reputation of the worst-performing Western European country. Only 3% of Scotland’s adults qualify as Evangelical Christians, and due to a shortage of clergy and the influence of liberal theology and nominalism, the need for the love and reconciliation of Jesus and his people is desperate.As the cultural heart of Scotland, Edinburgh is one of Europe’s largest financial centers and Scotland’s capital and second-largest city. Edinburgh has an impressive collection of galleries and museums, a vibrant performing arts scene, and the world’s largest arts festival—the Edinburgh Fringe—making it a global hub for experiencing and creating art and culture.

5.5 million

Country Population


Practicing Christians

The Edinburgh Arts Team

The Edinburgh Arts Team’s vision in is to come alongside national partners and churches to partner with them in sharing the gospel.We are a team with diverse creative gifts, ministry vision, and most importantly, hearts to love and serve creatives in Scotland and the UK and see the beauty of Christ displayed through the creative gifts of his people.

Reaching. Discipling. Empowering. Sending.

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“The future has many names: The Lazy call it: The Impossible. The Fearful refer to it as: The Unknown. But The Courageous embraces it by saying: ‘This is my Challenge.”
― Steve Shadrach
Our challenge is clear. We are seeking to reach the lost and spread the gospel in the UK. We can't do that alone. With your partnership, we will pray to see a large harvest of souls and see God's kingdom expanded through the people of Europe and to the world.

Monthly Support

We are standing in faith for partners who would prayerfully seek to join us in making a monthly reaoccuring donation. As missionaries, our income and ministry funds come entirely from donations. You can be the hands and feet of Jesus and a valuable part of our mission by supporting what God is doing in our family this way.

Launch Fund

Our launch fund is a fund that will help our family get to Europe, go through intensive trainings, and launch our lives and ministry in Europe. Any one time donation will help us meet this goal.

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